This weekend, Netflix recommended that I watch Heartless, a Danish TV show. I’m not a fan of subtitles, but the premise sounded intriguing:

Orphaned twins who must suck the life force out of people to stay alive move to a strange, old boarding school to explore their dark family history.

So I gave it a shot.............and I was hooked! I finished all 8 episodes in one day. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this show —although, since I’m also a fan of Bitten, Lost Girl, and Hemlock Grove, this was probably an obvious outcome to Netflix’s recommendation algorithm.

I liked the relationship between the siblings, Sebastian (played by Sebastian Jessen) and Sofie (played by Julie Zangenberg), who have been through a lot and always stick together. They have no idea where they come from or what they are (vampires? demons? cursed?).


Sebastian is committed to finding information about their past, which leads the twins to a 270-year-old boarding school called Ottman. Ottman has all the elements that make a good TV boarding school — bullies, love triangles, abandoned attics, mysterious artifacts, ghost stories, weird hazing rituals, a secretive headmaster (played by The Killing’s Nikolaj Kopernicus), a lingering mystery from 1666, etc. etc. The overall arc of the series is pretty satisfying, even though the last 10 minutes introduce some “next season” cliffhangers.


The show has a few moments that I think were lost in translation. There are a few strange expressions in the subtitles (“get some” sounds weird when you actually mean “get that thing I mentioned” and “suck” is not always a sexy verb) as well as some weird conversations (don’t say you fell in love with someone’s hair and don’t make jokes about getting date raped). But overall this series was a fun binge-watch. I even got used to the subtitles!

My favorite parts about this show is that it totally passes the Bechdel test! Sofie definitely kicks some ass, which made her my favorite character. And the main romance is a girl/girl relationship, which is a nice change of pace from so many other TV shows out there.


Being the fan-person that I am, I looked up online to see if there was a season 2 or 3 (unclear if what’s on Netflix is just season 1 or seasons 1 and 2). I couldn’t find much information about the show, except that it had low ratings but high praise in Denmark. I’m hoping it reaches a larger audience, because I enjoyed the show a lot and I would love to find some fellow fans.

Has anyone on Odeck seen this show in their Netflix suggestions? Has anyone checked it out? What did you think?